What is Influencer Marketing? How to do it effectively

According to We Are Social January 2021 data, there are approximately 66 million active internet users and 60 million social media users in our country. The number of active social media users corresponds to 70.8% of the population. As social media has become an integral part of our lives, some concepts have gained more importance and we have started to meet new concepts.

Influencer marketing, which is one of the new concepts that has entered our lives, is among the approaches that brands put forward to increase the number of e-commerce habits. In this article titled “We Focused on Influencer Marketing”, we have compiled information about influencer marketing. Let’s examine the influencer marketing method together.

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What is Influencer Concept?

The concept of influencer that entered our lives with social media; Brand ambassador is also known as an opinion leader. The person or people who promote products, services and aim to influence and direct by sharing their experiences and comments about a product or service through their social media channels are called influencers.

Influencers by a number of followers; While mega influencers are divided into 3 as macro influencers and micro-influencers, they are divided into 3 as bloggers, YouTubers,s and social media influencers according to the content produced.

What is Influencer Marketing?

With social media being a part of our lives, we call it a social media phenomenon; People who have a large audience on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, especially Instagram; brands started to attract attention.

This situation led to a new marketing method: influencer marketing. Opinion leaders who have the ability to influence and direct their followers; increase the sales and awareness of the brand by collaborating with brands and sharing their experiences and thoughts about that brand’s products and services with their masses.

In short, influencer marketing; is the person or people with a high number of followers to promote the brand in a way that will affect the thoughts of the followers they have and to convey their experiences about the brand to their users through social media channels. In this way, brand awareness, trust in the brand is increased and an increase is observed in the sales of the brand.

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What are the Influencer Marketing Benefits?

Influencer marketing functions and benefits of influencer marketing can be listed as follows:

  • Promoting the brand on social media and digital platforms,
  • Promotion of the brand by people who are considered opinion leaders,
  • Influencing the social media audience more quickly on issues such as product or service quality and reliability, thanks to the collaborative influencer,
  • Transferring the relevant information about the features and details of the brand, product or service to the target audience,
  • Advertising on social media channels that are used extensively such as YouTube,
  • Creating a potential audience for the brand,
  • Increasing sales through influencers.

What are the Points to Consider in Influencer Marketing Management?

When choosing an influencer, it should be noted that the selected influencer is suitable for the brand, product or service, and brand personality.

  • Brand ambassadors with a large following should be preferred.
  • It should be decided in which medium the promotion will take place.
  • It should be decided which product or service will be promoted.
  • Care should be taken to properly promote the influencer product and service.
  • Whichever channel has the potential audience to be interested in the product or service should be preferred.
  • Influencer; It should be shown to reflect the strengths and features of the product, service and brand.

How to Do Influencer Marketing?

“How is influencer marketing done?” “How is influencer marketing done?” The answer to the question is important to build the right strategy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Determining the target audience: Who the target audience is and the characteristics of this target audience, which social media channels they use heavily their interests, and age range should be determined.

Setting Goals: Targeting should be done in the influencer strategy. What is your expectation? Brand awareness? To increase product service sales? To increase customer loyalty? A specific target related to the subject should be determined and the strategy should be built around this target.

Working with the Right Influencer: It should be compatible with the brand personality of the selected influencer.

Planning: What is requested from the influencer should be determined, planned, and transferred to the influencer. The planning process also gives an idea about how the collaborative influencer can follow a route.

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