Must-Read Safety & Hygiene Tips for Flight Travelers

Have you already booked Direct flights to Poland from USA or any place else and are looking for safety tips for your plane journey? Or are you a first-time traveler looking for safety and hygiene tips for your flight journey? Well, then you have landed at the right spot, take help from our guidebook on the must-read safety & hygiene tips for flight travelers.

As travels are resumed as the pandemic seems to be under control, the new normal of traveling allows for maintaining strict hygiene and safety practices. Thus, most of the travelers who are considering flying as the cost of Flight from the USA to London and many other places has become cheaper are facing many doubts. If you are among such travelers, then our guidebook on must-read safety & hygiene tips for flight travelers is here to help.

Let’s know the must-read safety & hygiene tips for flight travelers

Safety & Hygiene Tips to Maintain Before Traveling

  • Keep a tab of the Covid-19 cases of the destination you are traveling to along with the total number of recoveries made daily. This will help you know whether your traveling destination is safe for traveling. If the number of cases increases drastically, then you must postpone your trip until the situation becomes better or just travel to a different and safer location.
  • Keep your travel itinerary flexible to be able to make changes with location and time.
  • Get a regular intake of essential vitamins that help you boost your immunity, this includes a sufficient dose of Vitamin C, D, and zinc.
  • Get yourself completely vaccinated to reduce the risk of getting infected by the virus while traveling overseas. 
  • Pack your carry-on with homemade snacks, including fruit salad, vegetable salad, dry fruits, sandwiches, and nuts. This will help you avoid taking the airport o the airline’s food that can be a carrier of COVID-19 or other harmful viruses.
  • Use a separate zip-lock bag or file to keep all your documents, and ensure minimum contact with the airport officials. 
  • Use the airline mobile application to check in online to avoid standing in long check-in lines and prevent the COVID-19 virus.
  • Buy travel insurance that covers the risk of COVID-19 so if you get infected by the virus overseas you will cover your medical expenses through it.

Safety & hygiene tips to maintain during travels

  • Wear a mask approved by doctors to reduce the risk of getting infected by the virus. Also, make sure that your nose and mouth are properly covered with the mask, as otherwise wearing it won’t be beneficial.
  • Corporate with security personnel and remember that their job is to ensure your and other passengers’ safety only. Adhere to the guidelines provided and listen to the instructions provided carefully.
  • Avoid touching surfaces of common areas like lift buttons, and bathroom taps with bare hands. Wear gloves before touching such surfaces or sanitize your hands with a +70% alcohol sanitizer after touching them.
  • Don’t forget the importance of self-distancing and try to maintain a 6-feet distance while standing in luggage or boarding queues. 
  • Use bottled water for drinking purposes and avoid water present in airport water containers. 
  • Use a surface sanitizer to sanitize your seat, leg space, luggage space, and seat belt before taking it. Also, use surface sanitizer while using public and airplane bathrooms to maintain your safety and hygiene.
  • Use alcohol sanitizing wipes to wipe up the surface of your e-device, like mobile phones and laptops that you are carrying with you on your flight. 
  • Consume the homemade snack that you have brought only as airport or airline food touches many hands before reaching you. Also, this food is greasy and heavy and may cause you to either bloat or have diarrhea easily.
  • Be extra cautious while using the airport or airplane bathroom and take help from a good toilet seat sanitizer. Also, don’t forget to sanitize or wash your hands with water and soap properly after using them.

Safety & hygiene tips to maintain after reaching the destination

  • Don’t touch regular surfaces like elevator rails, or lift buttons after landing at the airport.
  • Maintain a proper 6 feet distance while de-boarding the plane and don’t hassle, as a little hurry can cause you the risk of getting infected with the Covid-19 virus.
  • Make online payments for cabs and taxis, as paper notes are more prone to carry the germs of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Make sure to book accommodation that is 100% safe and 100% Hygienic for astay during these times. Ensure that the hotel rooms are properly sanitized with good cleaning facilities.
  • Take a shower as soon as you reach your accommodation and give your clothes to the laundry. Make sure not to repeat the clothes that you wore at the airport until they are properly washed and cleaned.
  • Choose in-room dining and breakfast services instead of dining at the in-house restaurant and café of the hotel. 

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