Repair Corrupted Outlook Offline Mailboxes by Analyzing OST Files [Expert Guide]

When it comes to simple email sending and receiving, working in offline Outlook mode is simple. However, there are times when the Outlook mailbox does not cooperate as well as it should. Consider a situation where you are on a flight and there is no network available.

You will lose access to all of the data on the server at this time. It is at this point that OST files are created. OST files are Outlook files that run in offline mode but are still connected to the Exchange Server. OST files, on the other hand, are vulnerable to corruption if there is a problem with data synchronization.

So, “How to Analyze OST File and Recover Corrupted Offline Mailbox Data From Outlook?” is the big question for users. In this article, we’ve covered the errors that can occur when OST files become corrupted, as well as how to fix the corruption and successfully view an OST file.

OST Files Must Be Analyzed & Damaged Data Must Be Repaired

When working with .ost files, users may encounter a variety of error messages. The presence of these error messages indicates that the OST file has been corrupted. Another sign is when Outlook takes longer than expected to open itself or to load emails. All of these problems point to corrupted OST files. The error messages are displayed here for users to examine their OST files.

  • When an OST file does not successfully synchronize with the Exchange Server, this error message appears. This error message serves as a warning to users that their Outlook OST file has been corrupted.
  • When the Exchange server is not fully functional, this error message appears. The user must ensure that this error does not occur frequently because it corrupts the OST files. If this happens frequently, fix the OST corruption as soon as possible.

When the Outlook OST mailbox files fail to synchronize with the Exchange Server, this error occurs. This indicates that the OST file has become corrupted and is no longer synchronized with the server.

Methods for Recovering Corrupted Outlook Data Files

The occurrence of these errors, as previously stated, is a clear indication that users need to recover OST files. As a result, some methods have been devised to assist users in repairing Outlook files, which are detailed below.

Scanost.exe OST File Analyzer is a program that analyses OST files.

This is a built-in Microsoft utility that allows users to scan, resolve, and analyze OST file errors. This program scans the entire file, identifies errors, repairs them, and then restores the OST files to their original state. The steps for using this utility to recover OST file data are listed below.

  1. Launch the Scanost.exe tool after exiting the running Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Create a profile according to your Outlook preferences, then select the Connect option.
  3. Choose the options that best suit your needs, and then click the Begin Scan button.

After the files have been fully scanned, we will begin the OST file restoration process.

Limitation: While the above-mentioned built-in utility is a useful tool, it does not guarantee complete OST file recovery. It can also delete corrupted data in order to generate healthy data. As a result, the user must exercise caution when using this tool to perform recovery mechanisms. Furthermore, the Scanost.exe utility has become obsolete and is no longer compatible with Microsoft Outlook versions 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019.

Repair & Analyze OST Files with the OST Repair Tool

As previously stated, due to some limitations, the above utility is not completely reliable in restoring corrupted files. As a result, we’ve developed DataHelp OST repair, software that provides a complete solution to OST corruption issues. This tool, unlike the manual method, works with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.


It is recommended to use third-party software to repair .ost files for overall analysis and recovery of Outlook OST files because it can recover even corrupted and deleted OST files. In comparison to manual processes, this tool saves time and ensures complete data recovery. As a result, all effective methods How To Analyze OST Files and Recover Corrupted Offline Mailbox Data From Outlook have been summarized in this article.

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