Know why Diwali is another passing trend for India.

Diwali is the Festival that has its glimpse, and it is the most prominent Festival of our nation, all the way dedicated to Hinduism. We Indians are so creative that we always get to catch you in trending, and that’s why Diwali is the most eye-catching Festival, and the charm of Diwali is memorable for upcoming a full year for everyone. So now here we are going to elaborate you about the seven reasons why Diwali is passing as a trend, and everyone is very fond of it:

Diwali is a trend. What it means to Indians may not have changed much, but how Diwali is celebrated worldwide has changed radically since the 1950s. The Festival of lights was, before then, celebrated by everyone. There were fireworks everywhere: in the streets, in courtyards, in theatres, and, of course, in people’s homes.

 But by the early 1950s, the changing political climate in India led to the creation of separate national days of Diwali. For the first time, Diwali became a government-sanctioned holiday, with parades and celebrations in the streets. “This was very peculiar because nobody could give an explanation for the change in Diwali from being a nationwide festival to being a political symbol,” says Debjani Ghosh, author of Indian Festivals in the Global Age.

She says the holiday was widely celebrated in South and Southeast Asia, while West Asia and the Middle East largely ignored it. There were indeed pockets of interest in the West, especially in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, where organizations like the National Council for Interfaith Harmony introduced Diwali ceremonies in public schools.

But it was only once the theme music to the Simpsons made its debut that American Diwali awareness took off. Today, the history of Diwali is so tightly intertwined with the modern American holiday of Thanksgiving, Ghosh says, that it’s easy to forget many millions of people once celebrated it on its own.

That doesn’t mean Diwali has faded into obscurity. Even as the cultural power of Thanksgiving has grown over the last two decades, Indian holidays such as Diwali have gained traction in the US. That’s likely due to the rise of people who identify as Indian or of South Asian descent but can also trace their roots to a range of places. “One of the reasons Diwali is more popular in America now is that the economy has brought more families to the US,” says Ghosh. “There are also more Indian people here who are very much fond of this unique Festival.

Diwali Sighting:

One of the fascinating festivals about Diwali is here. Everyone in our nation is fond of it most of the time. Diwali time is exceptional because, on this day, we get to see our nation wearing completely new attire, and everything is decorative and memorable all the time. That’s the first thing that captivates us during Diwali.


It is the most remarkable thing which makes us wait for Diwali. Because this is going to make our mouth and heart feel sweetened all the way. It is the most ingenious way that we are going to have on the day, and the most memorable thing that attracts us is that we get gifts on the day of Diwali. So if you are looking forward to gifting something to your relatives, then now you can order Diwali hampers online and find out some of the best gift hampers delivered to your home in favor of your Festival. Yes, later it is going to make your Bond with your favorite person healthier.

Several ways to celebrate Diwali. The Hindu festival of charm is widely celebrated in India. Stories about the historical dates and significance of Diwali vary according to the region or country. However, Hindus celebrate Diwali in autumn, typically October–November. This Festival, which means “recreation,” celebrates a victorious fight against evil, although Hindus also celebrate the end of summer, which ends summer and begins winter. In the olden days, many Hindus celebrated Diwali with firecrackers that sent out a sharp, high-pitched sound known as “buzz.”

Citizens may also light oil lamps called “Anjaneya” or “alankar”. Fireworks are also very popular during this celebration. Diwali is celebrated in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, where it is called Deepavali. Festivities include lighting oil lamps (called “anjaan”, “alankar”, or “alak”) and firecrackers. Firecrackers often go off at midnight and are prepared by Indian householders with dried grass. In the celebration, people also wear traditional wear, exchange Diwali gifts online, which is also a friendly nature of celebrating Diwali, making it even more classy.

So these were all the knowledge about the Diwali festival that you are looking forward to knowing, now we are thankful for your time here, and hopefully today, you have been acknowledged a lot. Thanks for your time here.

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