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How to run your makeup vlog online

Makeup vlogging is a busy niche. You could only run a makeup vlog if you have a deep interest in beauty and makeup. Nevertheless, running your vlog is a great way to turn your passion into revenue. With hard work and your unique spin on makeup tips and tricks, you can make it big. However, do you know how to run your makeup vlog online? 

Most people think that by simply posting online, something magical will happen and they will grow. In reality, growing on social media requires commitment and dedication. Especially when you are running your own vlog. 

Therefore, we will discuss tips on setting up and running a successful makeup vlog online. Read on and make your passion your source of income. 

Create a business profile 

You can promote your vlog on your personal account, but promoting yourself as a business is the best way to start. Sign up for a business account and promote yourself as a makeup artist. Try not to combine your personal and professional life. Keep them separate and avoid any mix-ups. 

Doing what you like is great and growing your community is even greater. Sometimes, you need to expand and look beyond your favorite social media platforms. Start with whatever you feel more comfortable with. It could be YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. 


If you would like to become a professional makeup vlogger, you should know how to start and run a YouTube channel. There are many ways to increase your subscribers and start earning from this job. 

Quality content

Start your YouTube channel with quality content. This platform is best for long-form videos. However, you should plan out your complete makeup video before you record. Quality content is the key to reaching your target subscribers. Moreover, ensure that your video looks as nice as possible to increase your viewer’s interest. 


Posting makeup videos regularly on YouTube is the best strategy to keep your channel growing. You should have an upload schedule for your makeup channel. This will notify your subscribers when to come back to YouTube for your new videos. 

Interact with your audience

Interact with your audience through comments and community postings to keep them engaged. This will increase engagement with likes, comments, and shares. Moreover, suggestions from your viewers may also provide you with ideas for your new video. 

Youtube channel art

Creating a makeup YouTube channel is easy but making it attractive for your audience is the real task. If your makeup vlog channel is not appealing to the viewers, you will likely end up with a failure. Therefore, incorporate YouTube channel art to keep your makeup channel attractive. Create free YouTube channel graphics from PosterMyWall to design eye-catching YouTube channel art. 

Go viral on TikTok

Although TikTok is only good for short-form content, there is a reason why everyone wants to go viral on TikTok. Other social media platforms rely on users to seek their interests. However, TikTok uses its algorithm to push engaging content to its users. This makes it easy for makeup artists to flock to TikTok. You can showcase your skills and connect with like-minded people.

Leverage trends

High-quality content does not only mean investing in equipment and makeup. Leveraging TikTok trends is an affordable way to create quality content. Trends are TikTok’s algorithm’s blood and bones. If you want to go viral, you will have to leverage trends or challenges in your makeup videos. 

Duet and Stitch videos

Stitch and Duets videos are a great way to increase your reach on TikTok. A duet video is when you create content alongside another person’s content. This will then show up as your version of that video. A stitch video is when you combine two videos from two people into one. This means that before your video, the original video will play for a few seconds. 

Both of these are great for collaborations. It is also a great way to post content that is new to your followers. Just make sure to add something of yours to your Stitches and Duets. 

Why makeup vloggers need to be on the Instagram

If you are not on Instagram, you are missing out on so many opportunities. The makeup industry is on Instagram, and you should be too! Thus, start snapping some beautiful pictures and reels right now. 

Focus on the basics

Your username, bio, and display picture on Instagram heavily impact your searchability and reach. This also frames a first impression for your target market. Focus on these basics from the beginning. These are the foundations that forms everything else. 

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Add value through your content

Instagram is the best way to connect with your community. Add value to your content by sharing tips and tricks for makeup. Try to give your followers insider info every week. This way, you will get more followers and people will start to see you as a leader. Instagram is also great for connecting with other makeup artists and beauty experts.


Hashtags are the best way to get yourself found. Try to use different hashtags and increase your reach. Experience with hashtags that are trending in the makeup or beauty industry. This will help you grow your makeup channel online exponentially. 

Running your makeup vlog online

In a highly competitive makeup industry, simply having an online presence is not enough. You have to work hard, tell a unique story, and engage the right audience. There is a lot to consider when you start a makeup vlog. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you will be well on your way to running a successful makeup vlog online. 

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