How to replace the shock absorber

If you want to learn How to Replace Shock absorbers then you should read this guide full of attention.

If you have a car in your home then you must know how important a shock absorber is to get a comfortable journey or long drive. While you are driving your car on a bumpy road or on a dusty road at that time it is obvious that your car is going to shake and bounce but if you have a good shock absorber in your car then you may not even feel that your car is going through a rough road. It is not only a matter of giving comfort but also if your car has a good shock absorber then you are surely going to feel the smoothness while you are driving your car.

How shock absorber help your car?

A shock absorber helps your car to keep your car tires in contact with the road which is really important while you are driving your car. This shock absorber is an oil-filled cylinder that dampens the movement of the spring. The movements of spring in a bumpy road give comfort to the people who are inside the car. So when you are going on a long drive you must have a car that has a good shock absorber as shock absorber helps in giving a comfortable ride.

How to Maintain Shock Absorber?

Now it is not only a matter of enjoying the comfort of your shock absorber but you must do proper maintenance of your shock absorber to get the best performance from your shock absorber. One thing you must remember is that everything has a life and your shock absorber has also a life.

You must change your shock absorber after driving your car for a certain kilometer. Now you may ask me a question that certain Kilometer means how many miles or kilometers? My answer is you must change your car shock absorber after driving your car for 40,000 or 50,000 miles. After changing the shock absorber you will surely notice the difference that is before changing the shock absorber and after changing the shock absorber that is you will get smoothness in your driving.

How to replace shock absorber 2021

Now we are going to describe How to replace shock absorbers just in a few easy or simple steps. It is really a very easy task if you follow my every single instruction and you have to keep faith in me.

At first, you have to park the car in a vacant place and use the handbrake after parking. Then you just put bricks in the front side of the car tire and the backside of the car tire.

After that, you should use a floor jack to raise your car so that you can perform the task of changing the shock absorber quite easily without facing any kind of difficulty.

Thirdly you should loosen the nuts or bolts so that you can loosen the car shocks from the bottom of a vehicle.

Now you can install the new shocks that you have brought to change with the older ones that are not working properly right now. While securing the shock bolt you should take proper help from your friends as you have to push it up while installing the shock absorber in your brand-new car.

Have a test drive

After changing the shocks you must take a test drive to check if everything is perfect or not. Try to listen if there is any sound or not. If you are hearing any noise then you have not completed the task of installation properly. If you are not hearing any noise then I am sure that you are feeling that you can have become a lot more smooth.


So if you love your car most and want to maintain your shock absorber properly then you must know How to change the shock absorber.

If you read this guide then you can very easily complete the process of installation or changing your older shock absorber. If you want to ask me any questions regarding this article then you can feel free to ask me through the below comment section and if you want to gain more knowledge regarding this article then read this article from

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