How to Add Highlight without Publishing Instagram Stories?

Publishing Instagram Stories

Following the debut of Instagram Stories in 2016, they have since become one of the most popular and widely used aspects of the platform and can be a fantastic way to increase Instagram likes for posts. With the Swipe Up feature, send your webpage to your computer.

Featured stories are ones that the user selects, which remain on their profile for two days after first, being posted. Instagram offers you the opportunity to create exceptional stories utilizing your mobile gallery’s photographs, photos, or videos, but keep it within your stories.

Regardless matter whether a featured story is for a brand, company, or business, getting greater reach and exposure for your content on the platform is as simple as publishing a featured story.

Here’s how to add a Highlight:

If you have a smartphone, you can post photographs and videos of your featured stories from the roll of your phone. While your tale is active, you can prevent viewers from seeing it, but you must feature it in a Featured Story first. You can accomplish this:

Turn on your mobile’s reel.

Once you’ve added the photos or videos you wish to include in your featured story, click on Next.

To find Instagram, search for “Instagram” under the sharing choices.

The 4th option is if Instagram is not among the first possibilities, which you may do by tapping “More” and then tapping on Instagram.

Select “Stories” from among many forms of publications to search stories.

Once you’ve opened the Instagram app, you will see your highlighted stories.

Once you’ve finished making a profile, click “New”.

First, you’ll want to choose the photographs and videos you want to feature in your highlights. Then, give them a title.

Finally, give the book a title

For this method to work, you must publish your story via the Instagram mobile application and post it to your highlights before editing.

There are several ways to add a featured story on Instagram.

Featured stories are readily posted, but you first need to add them to your existing stories.

To get to the tales section, simply open the app and head to the Stories screen.

Choose “New” from the circle below your bio, and you will be sent to a list of published articles.

For a highlighted tale, simply type in its name, select a cover, and then “Add.”

Press the three dots in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to remove them from your featured stories.

To remove yourself from featured stories, just go into your settings and then hit “Remove from featured stories.”

This may be accomplished by adding a featured image without creating an Instagram story.

Featured stories provide enormous potential, as long as you know how to put them to use. Unfortunately, there’s no simple formula for creating featured stories.

You can do a little experiment. You should set a limit on the number of people who can read your tales so that they can’t see your story and then go ahead and publish something.

After 24 hours, you can provide access to your stories to all your followers once the story has expired.

Let’s work through the various steps one at a time, and then you will have to perform the following tasks:

Your account is on lockdown.

You will need to make your account private for at least 24 hours to upload a featured tale that is not included in your other stories. You don’t need to do anything if you already have a private account.

Sometimes you need to change the settings on your tales

To ensure that your readers aren’t able to see your narrative, you can adjust the privacy settings for the application. Finally, go to Privacy Settings, and choose History.

After you enter, look to the left and you will see a circle with all of your followers displayed. If you’d like to prevent other users from viewing your story, simply select all the users you want to exclude.

When you’re finished, you should click the “Done” button in the upper-right corner of the page.

Upload your story to your new platform.

All you have to do now is follow your usual publishing procedure and have your article appear how you want it to appear in the featured tales. The account is secret; therefore no one will be able to see it.

Continue writing the story, and incorporate it into your featured pieces.

This button is known as the “Featured” button and it has a heart icon in a dotted circle around it.

Allow users to return to your stories so they can see them again

You will be able to unblock your followers 24 hours after submitting your tale and adding it to your featured stories. To ensure your latest news will appear on your profile, choose this option.

To help you promote your featured stories, I’ve discovered how to add a cover to your Instagram stories without publishing a story.

You can modify the cover of your collection without adding stories to your collection. Not only can you add photos from your mobile gallery, but you can also upload images directly from your cell phone. This should be done as follows.

Tap the “Open the application” option and select your Instagram profile.

Instead of manually changing the cover of the highlighted story, just long-press on it and select “Edit” from the pop-up menu.

An existing narrative can be used as a cover. Alternatively, you can use the “Edit cover” button below the cover image to upload a photo from your collection.

Select the image you want for the cover on your reel. Adjust it to your preference and then click “Done.”

Adding a highlighted story is rather simple, but a user should make an effort to make their featured tale stand out. You may utilize templates to build attractive highlight stories for Instagram Stories.

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