Average Time Taken by Invisalign to Straight Teeth

Did you ever wear braces to straighten your teeth? If yes, how will it feel? Often people face orthodontic issues and need correction for their jaw and teeth line. Certain problems are so obvious that they affect self-esteem badly. Only proper fixation can help you to regain your lost self-esteem and happiness. 

Invisalign is the revolutionized option you can have for correcting orthodontic problems. Due to its enhanced comfort and transparency, people find it a great substitution to conventional braces. If you really want to know the time taken by this option to restore your smile then continue reading this blog. 

What is meant by Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic aligner type whose sole purpose is to shift the teeth into their desired position delivering an impressive smile. It will do that without using any metal wires and brackets. The technician of Invisalign will manufacture a set of acrylic numbers with numbers. 

All of them are customized to ensure proper fitting into your mouth. You will receive the instructions on its usage and replacement once in a few weeks. Don’t miss changing the existing one according to the number at the mentioned time. In this way, you will gradually progress towards your dream of a straight smile.   

Time is taken by Invisalign for straightening teeth

Remember that the preferences and requirements of every patient are different. Also, the pace of moving the teeth is varied in different persons. Orthodontic treatment gets impacted by genetics, gum, and jaw condition as well. 

On average, Invisalign takes a year to provide a straight smile. However, you might have to put on it for much longer or lesser time and it will be determined by the orthodontist during your initial consultation and evaluation. 

Reasons for the varied time taken by Invisalign 

There are many patients who have noticed the results in a few months. But actually, the time period you put on the Invisalign plays the most fundamental role along with other factors which are mentioned below: 

  1. Severe alignment problem

Most patients deem for in-depth changes to obtain the final look. Despite the problem associated with jaw and teeth, orthodontists will take multiple approaches to straighten the teeth using Invisalign. 

  1. Crowded teeth

Mild crowding can be corrected within 6 months. However, in cases of severe conditions, you have to continue the use of an orthodontist until the teeth become straight. This can extend the treatment time frame although, in the end, you are going to have a gorgeous smile. 

  1. Gapped teeth

The treatment period can prolong if there are gaps within the teeth. Gaps occurred because of gum structure. Sometimes it can happen due to loss of teeth which make a prominent void. The time consumes by the teeth shift farthest. 

Average time period to straight teeth by Invisalign

Conventional braces need a dental bracket with interconnecting wires which will be tightened after bending during your orthodontic visit. It exerts a separate force that pushes the teeth into their desired position. With Invisalign, the average time relies on the severity of the teeth condition. But adults need longer time than younger ones or teens as those stopped growing. 

Sometimes, additional pressure needs to be exerted by the orthodontist with the use of special attachments. On the basis of personal condition, Invisalign is actually worn for 6 months to 18 months whereas traditional braces need 18 months to 3 years to get completed. 

Advantages of Invisalign over conventional braces

Everything comprises pros and cons so no exception is for Invisalign. Here is the list of Invisalign benefits over conventional braces: 

  • Every crooked tooth will shift into the final position through the treatment
  • Round-tripping must be avoided as normal tooth can displace 
  • Each tray is dedicated to shift the misaligned teeth without causing any problem to normal ones
  • It is invisible and hence very difficult to detect during speaking and smiling 
  • You can remove it during brushing and eating 
  • You don’t need to visit the orthodontist often 
  • It is painless

Also, most patients have a satisfactory experience with Invisalign. 

Tips to allow the Invisalign to perform at a rapid rate

Invisalign deems for complete cooperation from the patients. As conventional braces are tightened using wires and brackets patient has no role in it. But Invisalign maintains complete comfort and hence following the instructions of orthodontists to use it is mandatory. Otherwise, they will be fair to straighten your teeth.  

3 tips to reap most of Invisalign benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Put on the aligner as per prescribed time

Mostly, the orthodontist will instruct you to put on the Invisalign for long 22 hours per day. Only following the time period strictly is the way to obtain proper dental alignment in the shortest time span.  

  1. Replace it as per mentioned time

If somehow you skip replacing the existing tray at a mentioned time then you are actually hampering the treatment. It will stop the straightening process lingering the expected time frame to finish the treatment. Correct tray sequence should be followed and you must be careful about it. An unorganized tray can alter the treatment progress.  

  1. Keep patience

The drastic result can’t be observed overnight as it can’t do magic! Just keep faith in the aligner that it shifts every tooth every inch to the respective position simultaneously. So, don’t give up on it!  

Do you want to explore more of Invisalign?

It brings the most innovative method for correcting crooked and crowded teeth. It is widely accepted by people of all ages due to its near invisibility. Most patients never want brace faces even for the second or first time in their life. You can visit our clinic to obtain cheap Invisalign braces in London. 

We treat every patient equally with great care and attention to optimize the comfort of living and health. Check out the varied Invisalign options to understand your condition and decide the type to put on. We look forward to your visit. Don’t worry we will try our level best to keep you relaxed, positive, and confident. Make an appointment for more details. 

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