12 Quirky Gift Guide For Diwali Celebration 2024

Diwali remains one of the most prestigious festivals in the Hindu calendar, & the festival is praised over five days. This favorable festival ultimately keeps people on their toes from lighting lamps or diyas, burning crackers, & enjoying sweet delights, and praying to goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. During this festival of joy, people prefer to gift their near and loved ones as well.

It’s no wonder that you tend to fall short of ideas to buy Diwali gifts online year after year. Sweets, ornaments, and figurines are passé. That’s what you’ve been carrying away as Diwali gifts all these years. Care to gift something unusual this Diwali?

Table and floor lamps

Diwali is the celebration of lights, and what could be a more appropriate gift than an original illuminator? Table and floor lamps are simple to install and don’t need the assistance of an electrician (as opposed to pendants for chandeliers). Also, since these are moderately smaller lighting pieces, they can be moved around in the house and used.

Sweet Tooth-Friendly Diwali Gift Packs

No festival is perfect without that touch of palatableness! You may go for popular Indian sweets, hand-carved chocolates, or other exotic confectionery items and desserts. 

Add a personalized touch by honoring your gift packs with a handwritten note. Another way of enhancing the elegance of your sweet gift is by covering them in handmade boxes.

Photo Frames

A photo frame is not just a different gift, it expresses that you care about the person and value milliseconds spent together. Preserve your memorable memories in equally different frames. Bid farewell to boring old general photo frames with quirky, out-of-the-box frames at the most attractive online store. This is the best Diwali Gifts for Couples on the occasion of Diwali.

Tall vases and urns

I would recommend you gift a set or a collection of vases – it’s correct how they can be bunched up together and presented too. These can be great and in charge, sitting actively on the floor or a table while adding a notable visual impact to the space. Gift these to help your buddies transform a solitary spot by bringing some color, weight, or balance to the empty corner.

Incense Holders

Incense is something one cannot do without attending any religious ritual or ceremony. It cleans the surrounding aura & instills a sense of peace, tranquility, and sacredness within its confines at online stores. You will get the quirkiest and most satisfying incense burners that guarantee smiles and good vibes. 

Cushions covers

These can add a hefty dose of freshness and embellishing quality to any sofa, chair, or bed. Custom-printed types or ones with large, exciting patterns are excellent for spicing up any area. Plus, beds or sofas can perpetually do with more cushions, correct? It is a very good idea to give someone these covers that can help them with Diwali home decor on the special occasion. Choose the best combination as per their wall design to surprise them with amazing covers.

Clocks & Watches

What could be a more fabulous gift than the familiar gift of time? Take a break from the usual geometrical wall clocks and change to quirky & classy timepieces. Pick from a variety of flip clocks, vintage and retro patterns, as well as DIY clocks. View the complete collection of Clocks and watches at online stores. Clock and watches are the evergreen gifts you can give someone on any special occasion. This is a very good idea to wish someone a good time for life ahead.


These make for a sensible and heartfelt gift that can improve the look of the bed, sofa, or chair it’s put on. One can spray them easily on an ottoman or a high back, and the seated person can cover themselves in it and enjoy a film or a long talk in comfort.


Festivals grant the much-needed impetus to throw out the old and unnecessary stuff and brighten up the edges with new, engaging, and vibrant stuff. There couldn’t be a more charming way to redo your walls than quirky signs that are so in sync with your vibe. Be it superhero-themed signs or Harry Potter-themed ones. 

So dig in and give your room the colors of excitement it deserves. It is a great idea to share inspirational and motivational quotes or some lines that can affect their life. There are different ranges of designs available with different quotes. The good thing about this is you can also personalize this design with your favorite quote.

Green tea set

There are enthusiastic tea drinkers, and then there are eager green tea drinkers – and if you look around, you’ll find there are sufficient followers in the latter category. Plus, there’s nothing more delightful than sipping from a beautiful hand-painted, printed, or uniquely formed teacup, while eyeing the attractive teapot in front of you. A unique way to drink to your buddies’ good health, isn’t it? There are multiple options available online when it comes to herbal and healthy teas which are good for health.

Water Bottles & Ice Trays

There couldn’t be a more reliable way to tell your cherished ones that you care about them than by suggesting they stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water guarantees not only healthy skin but also a more open mind! This Diwali presents incredible water bottles and quirky ice forms to make your present belief out from the rest. These are amazing gifts for the couple and family if they have shifted recently from another city.

Champagne glasses

Wine glasses are done … it’s time for the bubbly! Guarantee that your buddies and family entertain in style throughout the festive season with the best champagne flutes. You can pick from stunning Swarovski crystal, etched, or tinted glasses. These will also serve as a beautiful reminder of your buddies when they use them on their special occasions. You can check the online stores to buy these glasses, there are different varieties available online when it comes to the glasses.

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