10 Step Guide On How To Make An App In 2024

Are you eager to know how to make an app in such a challenging market? Also, is it a headache for you to start things from scratch?

Well, to settle down all your qualms and to put a balm on your worries, we, with our detailed guide, are here to narrate some fantastic ideas and help you with the best execution.

To make things a lot easier, have a hassle-free go-through of this guide. So, let’s start!

Approach To Make An App For Beginners In 10 Steps

Step 1. Bring About A Fresh App Idea

If an app idea is already there in your mind, then hop on to the next step.

Nonetheless, if you are still looking for some great app ideas, then we have got a bucket full of them. Have a look at some exciting techniques:

Technique 1: The Remix Technique

A great way of coming up with amazing app ideas is to put an additional twist on your existing idea, or one can even try to combine elements from different apps that you admire.

Now, here’s the intelligent trick by which you can do things for yourself.

You can think of some apps that you use often. Next, how you can take maximum advantage of the valuable features that those apps have. So, just remix all these features together and gift yourself an app of your kind.

Technique 2: Scratch Your Strong Desire/Itch

It happens that some ideas have their origin from a problem that usually people face in their life. So, if you solve that hassle, it’s an excellent reason to create a new app.

Technique 3: Advance An Existing App

While creating an app, do a brainstorm of thoughts cross over your mind, such as it will do remarkably well if it could do this thing better? And if it’s so, then that’s the artistic spark of a promising app idea.

And after knowing there’s always an area of improvement, you must always work on improving and updating your app. By this, you allow yourself to create a much better app.

Tip: It is good to check out the feedback, reviews, and ratings for the app to improve users.

Step 2: Do Your Competitive Market Analysis

Do not lose your hope if you witness other apps in the Playstore or App Store are handling the same issue or working on the same parameter as your app does.

Keep in mind that there’s always space for improvement. There are plentiful apps out there that are not up-to-date or lacking an abundance of useful features. Also, many may not possibly reach the mark of what their target audience really wants and needs!

Make sure you take care of the following things while you scroll through the reviews and ratings of the competitive apps that you find.

A. App Name:

App Name is mainly there for identification purposes for keeping track of different apps you are going to scope or filter out.

When you go through this list, you will encounter some particular or repetitive words that keep arriving in the app’s title. Thus, consider using those keywords for your app title.

B. Price/Monetization Scheme

Is your app one time free? Is the app free but monetized in a unique way? Get the answers to such queries.

C. Feature Set

What are competitor’s app core and unique features, and what essential things are missing from that app?

D. Last Updated

One wishes to find out how well an app is handled. If the publisher hasn’t updated it in a long time, then it is time for you to take control of the market share.

E. App Publisher

Is it a single person or a company that published the app? The point here is to clear out a question to whom you are competing against.

F. Ratings Plus Reviews

Get answers to some questions, such as if the app is poorly rated? How are users rating the app? Does the app have to lack significant features? Such insight will help you in avoiding those drastic pitfalls.

And if the app is doing well, then download it and try it yourself. Read every review and figure out what your audience is saying.

G. Downloads

The number of app downloads is not drafted on the App Store or PlayStore app listing. But some tools are there to have a spy on the apps and to get this information.

One might wish to make a spreadsheet or matrix for keeping proper track of your app results. Such an analysis will help you create or insert unique features for your app. Also, it will help in analyzing which features you should focus on first.

Step 3. Mention Features For Your App

It’s one of the most fun sections as you have the wings to dream. So, in this, take the idea of your app and vision what a dream come true version of your app is going to be.

Without any shadow of a doubt, the vision will change and evolve based on testing and actual feedback and reviews of users. So, pen down all the points, essential features; then, realize and appreciate your idea and pump some life into that thought process.

Step 4. Create Sketch Mockups Of Your App

Have you started thinking about how to design your app that is user-friendly and, at the same time, intuitive? So, be ready with a paper and pen as you need to know the requirements and interests of your users that may require a lot of research.

Think about your main screen, navigation, the usability of your app, an onboarding sequence (a small tutorial on how to use your app), and design tools for making an app.

If you love to make your app’s mockup digitally, then tools such as Figma, Sketch, InVision Studio help you craft your idea into reality.

Step 5. Carve Your App’s Graphic Design

It is high time to transform your app into a visual that shows how your app will appear. UI/UX plays a major role in this section.

While creating an app’s graphic design, consider these points:

A. Displays the final look of the product.

B. You can use it in presentations for selling potential partners or investors.

C. Developers can make use of it for integrating the assets of graphics into the project.

As it’s an essential step in the making of an app thus, we will recommend you to take the help of a proficient graphic designer to help you offer a professional app.

Step 6. Assemble An App Marketing Plan

If we go by facts and figures, nearly 2 million apps are there in the iOS App Store. Thus, ensure that your app catches people’s attention. So, for that, one needs to plan to market it to the right target audience.

You can even rely on a professional iOS app development company that creates an app that pulls the most incredible attention of users globally.

It is important to focus on this because plentiful marketing planning is done before launching an app.

So, before working on a marketing plan, get familiar with techniques such as impressive landing pages, drag and drop landing page builders including Unbounce and Leadpages, pre-launch email list, MailChimp, media kit, ASO (App Store Optimization).

And after the launch of your app, you can do a press release for your app; one can even think of paid marketing, can email your pre-launch email list.

 And finally, one can also promote your app on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

Step 7. Create App With One Such Alternative

One can learn the coding and can make the app themselves. Also, you can hire a freelancer or can choose an experienced iOS app development company to get the app of your choice.

Another option is that you can collaborate with a programmer to launch your dream. You can even purchase a template plus customize it or can use an app builder.

Step 8. Submitting Your App To The App Store

Get ready to launch your app or iPhone app into the App Store as millions of people can install your beautiful creation.

However, there are many more significant things that need to be done regarding Apple’s App Certification Team, and for that:

A. Please ensure that your app qualifies as it passes all the guidelines of the App Store.

B. Fill In Your App MetaData, where you must fill things that include keywords, descriptions, title, etc., in App Store Connect.

C. Next, upload your app from the Xcode.

D. Further, come back to the App Store Connect and then submit your app for review.

E. Finally, wait for the approval as it comes within 2-3 days that it is approved or rejected.

Step 9. Advertise Your App For Greater Exposure

You can work on several things for marketing your app, such as:

A. Run a free or paid marketing campaign.

B. Set Up your App Store Optimization Game.

C. You can go with influencer marketing.

So, try out one of these methods to promote your app.

Step 10. Advance Your App With User Feedback

A successful app achieves its milestone when there’s continuous improvement.

Accept the feedback, good or bad, and be thankful to people telling you how to make things better.

Show people about the constant improvements you are making by debugging the errors, adding new features, and making it up-to-date.

With time, you will surpass or be way ahead of every other mobile app in your niche!

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